Pirelli ANGEL™ GT II wins the Sport Touring tyre comparative test organised by the authoritative Italian magazine Motociclismo

The brand new tyre of the Milanese brand achieved the highest score in all measured tests carried out in both dry and wet conditions, whilst also figuring as the lowest wearing tyre after 7000 kilometres

The brand new Pirelli ANGEL™ GT II won the comparative test dedicated to Sport Touring tyres carried out by the prestigious Italian magazine Motociclismo confirming itself, in its debut year, as the new reference point in its class.

Presented to the public as the tyre able to rewrite the rules of the Sport Touring segment in terms of mileage, wet performance and outright grip combined with safety, ANGEL™ GT II has certainly kept its promises, as certified by the authoritative Italian magazine which can boast over 100 years of history.
The carcass with its innovative variable cord end count and high-silica compounds combined with a new tread pattern design - derived from ‘intermediate’ race tyres, alongside its perfect interaction with electronic rider aids, allow ANGEL™ GT IIto be the benchmark for performance in its segment.

In the comparative test, published in the June 2019 issue of Motociclismo, the road tester compared Pirelli ANGEL™ GT II with Metzeler ROADTEC™ 01, Bridgestone Battlax T31, Dunlop RoadSmart III and Continental Road Attack 3.
All these tyres,
 in 120/70 ZR17 front and 180/55 ZR17 rear sizes, were fitted on five BMW R 1250 RT machines and the pressures used were those recommended by BMW (2.5 bar for the front and 2.9 bar for the rear).

The test took place in several phases. In the first part, the five BMWs were entrusted to five travellers who brought them from Milan to Sicily and back, alternating on each machine every 50 kilometres. They rode on a route designed to reproduce typical conditions for sports touring, ie highways and winding roads combined with rural routes. These five travellers were then asked to fill in an evaluation sheet.
Then five professional testers from the Motociclismo editorial team travelled another 1000 kilometres to bring the motorcycles from Milan to Germany at the Contidrom, Continental's proving ground, where measured and wet tests took place. The test therefore covered 7,000 kilometres in total, of which 5000 were on rural roads roads and 2000 on highways.
In track tests, entrusted to a single tester to eliminate the human variable and to have data as consistent as possible, first the dynamic behaviour, traction and stopping distances (the latter also on the dry) with worn tyres were tested and then the tests were repeated with new tyres in very similar weather conditions.

The new Pirelli ANGEL™ GT II, in addition to being the most appreciated by non-professional travellers, obtained the maximum score in all measured tests carried out both on dry and wet surfaces, resulting also in the tyre with the lowest wear after 7000 kilometres.

The final classification, determined by the average of the scores recorded in the measured tests and the evaluation sheets compiled by the riders , leaves no doubt giving Pirelli ANGEL™ GT II the maximum score obtainable:

1) Pirelli ANGEL ™ GT II - score 10/10 
2) Metzeler ROADTEC ™ 01 - score 8.9 / 10
3) Bridgestone Battlax T31 - score 8.5 / 10

4) Continental Road Attack 3 - score 8.1 / 10
5) Dunlop RoadSmart III - score 7.5 / 10

Motociclismo’s editorial staff commented on the result obtained by ANGEL™ GT II: “The performance of the Pirelli tyres is exceptional, excelling in all the items of our tests and in all categories of the evaluation sheet entrusted to travellers. En plein! The most interesting aspect is the fact that the ANGEL™ GT II has managed to mix an excellent riding feeling with record-breaking tread wear".