Racing news from DIABLO tyres: Pirelli present the first 10 and 12 inch NHS range plus a new wet solution

The new sizes of DIABLO Superbike and DIABLO Rain in 10 inch have been selected as the exclusive equipment of the FIM MiniGP World Series.

Pirelli announces numerous innovations in the racing range, enriching it with new products and expanding the choice of sizes and compounds. Pirelli has always been at the forefront of research and technological development in the racing environment thanks to decades of commitment in the FIM Superbike World Championship.

In addition to the new products for motorcycles with seventeen-inch rims, Pirelli presents its first NHS competition range dedicated to small motorcycles with ten and twelve-inch wheels, including MiniGP, pitbike, minimotard and scooters. The new range includes both the DIABLO Superbike slick solutions and the DIABLO Rain grooved solutions to be used in wet conditions.

Thanks to the partnership with FIM, Dorna Sports S.L. and Ohvale, Pirelli is the Sole Supplier of tyres for the FIM MiniGP World Series, a project created to unify national, regional and continental MiniGP competitions around the world, with the aim of creating a launch platform for young riders ready to improve their skills. Starting from the FIM MiniGP World Series Final of the 2021 season, to be held this November in Valencia, the young riders will compete on Ohvale GP-0 160 machines equipped exclusively with DIABLO Superbike tyres in SC1 compound in the sizes 100 / 80-10 front and 120 / 80-10 rear.


For some time now, Pirelli has been involved in worldwide activities that support the growth of young riders, realizing for many fresh talents the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on the international racing scene thanks to the assignment of wildcards for the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship. Another example of this commitment is the technical sponsorship and tyre supply to the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU European Cup, the single-brand championship conceived to give riders around the world from twelve years of age the chance to race in a professional setting with a turnkey package.

Here is the summary of the main Pirelli Racing news for 2022:


  • New sizes in soft compound SC1, specifically developed for racing and training activities of MiniGP, pitbikes, minimotards and scooters equipped with ten and twelve inch rims:
  • 100/80 – 10 NHS TL FRONT SC1
  • 120/80 – 10 NHS TL REAR SC1 
  • 100/90 – 12 NHS TL FRONT SC1 
  • 120/80 – 12 NHS TL REAR SC1
  • Updated solution in super soft compound SCX, available in the rear sizes 200/65 R 17 for the Superbike class and 190/60 R 17 for the Supersport class;
  • New size 140/70 R 17 available in SC2 compound, developed specifically to amplify the offer dedicated to the Supersport 300 class;


  • New rear size 200/60 R 17, for both Superbike and Supersport classes, that substitutes the previous 190/60 R 17 and that aligns with the DIABLO Rain sizes. This evolution is intended to minimise the changes necessary to the set-up of the bike in the event of a sudden tyre change between slick, intermediate or wet solutions.


  • New solutions, specifically developed for racing and training activities of MiniGP, pitbikes, minimotards and scooters equipped with ten and twelve inch rims:
  • 100/80 – 10 NHS TL FRONT SCR1
  • 120/80 – 10 NHS TL REAR SCR1
  • 100/90 – 12 NHS TL FRONT SCR1 
  • 120/80 – 12 NHS TL REAR SCR1
  • Rear size 200/60 R 17, that substitutes the 190/60 R 17 size in the Supersport class;
  • SCR1 range applied to the whole range, improved in versatility to give riders high performance in a wide range of operating conditions.


The DIABLO Superbike tyres are the pinnacle of the DIABLO range and are NHS slick tyres (“Not for Highway Service”), in other words intended exclusively for track use and dedicated to professional and amateur riders, as well as track day riders seeking to get the most from their circuit riding. Available in various compounds, they are capable of tackling the different types of asphalt and weather conditions that can be found on circuits all over the world. The DIABLO Superbike tyres are the ultimate in Pirelli’s technological expression applied to the world of street-legal race bikes. Their history and development are closely connected to those of the FIM World Superbike Championship where they are now used in all classes, from Supersport 300 to Superbike, as is the case in the national championships, both those where Pirelli is the sole supplier and the ones with open tyre manufacturer competition.

DIABLO Superbike 10” and 12”


The most important news regarding the Pirelli product family dedicated to racing applications is the arrival of the DIABLO Superbike sizes in 10 and 12 inches. The new sizes of DIABLO Superbike takes the decades-long experience gained by Pirelli in the racing field to the world of small-wheeled motorcycles. DIABLO Superbike was developed as an extremely versatile product suitable to riders of any level, from amateurs to professionals, that uses their ‘small motorcycle’ for racing activities or training; the performance offered by this product are the benchmark within this category and reflects the commitment that Pirelli dedicates to the development of its racing range.

Thanks to the soft SC1 compound used across the range, DIABLO Superbike is able to offer versatility in terms of operating conditions, such as temperature and asphalt, and type of application, from training sessions to club and professional racing.

The cross-ply structure of DIABLO Superbike 10 and 12 inch range has been specifically developed by Pirelli engineers to suit the characteristics of the target vehicles that the product is intended for, to facilitate quick change in direction and maintain reference performance in a wide range of operating conditions.

The profile has also been developed to obtain the best performance from the 10 and 12 inch motorcycles in racing conditions. Compared to the grooved DIABLO ROSSO Scooter SC, the front and rear profiles of DIABLO Superbike tyres have a double-radius profile that guarantees easy handling and a feeling of control while cornering, thanks to the greater contact area between the tyre and the asphalt.

DIABLO Superbike 17”

During the 2021 season, Pirelli has perfected and updated the new version of the DIABLO SUPERBIKE in SCX compound, a rear super soft tyre in between the qualifying compound and the renowned SC0 solution. Now available in the 200/65 R 17 tyres for the Superbike class and 190/60 R 17 for the Supersport class, this solution has been extremely appreciated by the riders of the FIM World Superbike Championship that have unanimously selected it for several races during the season.

In 2022 Pirelli also introduce the new rear size 140/70 R 17 in medium compound SC2, which next to the current SC1 solution, represents the new tyre range dedicated to riders of the Supersport 300 class. This compound is the ideal choice in case of particularly low temperatures or an abrasive tarmac, or for riders who are looking for a higher mileage.

Thanks to different rear options now available, from 2022 riders and teams in the Supersport 300 categories will be able to make a choice on the rear tyre compound to be used in the race or during training, in order to better adapt to different operating conditions.

The complete range of DIABLO Superbike is available in the document attached to this press release.


DIABLO Wet represents the intermediate solution between slick and DIABLO Rain tyres, intended for use in case of intermediate weather conditions, such as drying asphalt/ a dry line. DIABLO Wet has a tread pattern with a lower number of grooves compared to DIABLO Rain and a compound with a high silica content that allows for chemical grip even on wet asphalt.

The 2022 range includes the arrival of the new rear size 200/60 R 17, intended for the Superbike class as well as the Supersport class, where it replaces the previous size 190/60 R 17. The passage of DIABLO Wet to a larger size represents an excellent advantage for teams and riders that, in the event of uncertain or variable weather conditions before a race, could swap between DIABLO Wet and DIABLO Rain tyres without having to change the bike set up.

The complete range of DIABLO Wet is available in the document attached to this press release.



In case of rain conditions, Pirelli has worked to improve the performance of the 200/60 ZR 17 rear tyre, the reference size for the Superbike class and from 2022 also for the Supersport class, replacing the previous 190/60 R 17 size.

DIABLO RAIN has a design with a different orientation between the grooves in the central area, which allow for a more homogeneous wear and greater stability of the tread, and those on the shoulder, which improve water evacuation and, consequently, the grip during full lean and corner exit.

All the sizes of the new DIABLO Rain range are SCR1, a compound with a high silica content that has been constantly improved over the years thanks to the work carried out by Pirelli on the circuits of international and national championships around the world. The development of this compound has been particularly oriented to increase its performance and versatility, so that riders can obtain with a single solution the best performance possible, regardless of the different operating conditions that may be encountered during the racing season.

The DIABLO Rain range also includes the new sizes dedicated to competitions on scooters, pitbikes, minimotards and MiniGPs with ten and twelve inch wheels.

The complete range of DIABLO Rain is available in the document attached to this press release.