The tyre manufacturer adds a new world-class championship to the already more than 350 competitions it supplies on every continent

The DHF specification is the latest generation of Pirelli tyres dedicated to GT cars

Braga: "We are honoured to support teams of this level. We will certainly have a lot to learn"

Pirelli is ready to make its debut in the DTM, one of the world's top motorsport competitions, adding to the already more than 350 championships for which the Milan-based company is a supplier on five continents. It kicks off this weekend at the Motorsport Arena in Oschersleben, where the first of eight events of the championship is being held, involving 28 drivers, 14 teams and the cars of six of the most prestigious German and Italian car brands, which Pirelli already supplies in the other Motorsport categories, as well as for road cars. As in the other categories, the teams will be supported by dedicated Pirelli engineers and technicians.

Matteo Braga, Pirelli Circuit Activities manager: "We are delighted to be able to take part in this competition, which is at the highest level of world motorsport, not only for the quality of the teams and drivers competing, but also for the approach to the sport of the organizers, with whom we have been collaborating for several years and have been keen to support with our products and experience. The tyres we supply to the DTM have already proven their reliability in other categories and belong to a constantly evolving range, which is being enriched with solutions thanks to the knowledge we gather on race fields around the world. Every single piece of feedback from our customers is considered when defining the characteristics of our product range. In the DTM we will also have a lot to learn and our product will certainly benefit from this. We decided to provide our DHF product for the first season to start from an established base on which all car makers have developed/optimised their cars and with which most teams have already worked in other contexts. Not least, the DHF is the current basis of SRO's BoP, which guarantees very balanced performance across all car models''.

Cars taking part in the DTM championship will be equipped with the P Zero DHF, the specification of Pirelli's iconic P Zero family dedicated to GT cars, which was completely redesigned last year to accompany the cars' relentless technological evolution.  A key feature of the DHF is its versatility and adaptability to the most diverse cars, set-ups and conditions.

For wet conditions, drivers will have at their disposal the Cinturato WHA, which is able to provide good performance both in the presence of water on the track and when the track dries out, allowing teams to play on strategies and tyre changes in crossover conditions.

The P Zero and Cinturato families also have greater sustainability characteristics than their predecessors. Already in the development phase, the environmental impact of the DHF and WHA was reduced with the extensive use of virtual modelling to replace physical prototypes, which was reduced by almost 20 per cent. The P Zero range for cars uses new types of renewable materials that further reduce their environmental footprint.

For Pirelli, production for all motorsport categories is a test bench and at the same time an opportunity to optimise all processes, from production to hospitality, also in terms of sustainability. The company - the first tyre manufacturer in the world to be awarded the three stars of the Environmental Accreditation Programme promoted by the FIA for its commitment to sustainability in motorsport - aims to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2030 with the gradual replacement of the sources of electricity purchased for all its factories, switching from fossil fuels to renewable ones.